Thursday, February 02, 2006

Abulia is the word we needed to write a couple of paragrahs.

It was morning and I was in a state of abulia. I got that word from a poster. I was confused so I went home and asked my mom what it meant. The definition is abnormal lack of ability to act or to make decision. I wanted to know more about this word so I went to the library to get more information.
I approached the librarian at the front desk. He looked shocked and he threw a herring at me. Told me I should leave before the head librarian came. So I took the herring and went home to eat it. Then I looked up the word on goggle and it is not allowed in the United States of America. I decided to go to Greenland and go to Congressional State of the National Library Federation of Greenland. So I decided to buy an airplane from this Chinese man for 62 dollars. I took the plane home and lubricated its wings with WD-40. I then went in the backyard and cut down a forest for my runway. I was about to take off but I had no rocket fuel. So I went back to the Chinese man and sold him a herring for rocket fuel. So I role in to Greenland. I so I got the fuel and made it to Greenland and I had to fight 450,000 fighting turtles so I could get to the library which would have the history of the word abulia. The word abulia means тАЬwithoutтАЭ and is Latin it is used in medical or psychological context describing physical or metal conditions.
Then when I found out what it meant I had to leave to go back home and I needed to get home because I had an English paper due. So I had to leave my plane in Greenland because I have no more rocket fuel. So I took a boat back to the United States of America. It took me about three weeks to get back because I could not take my airplane from the Chinese man because I ran out of fuel and he didnтАЩt send me with any fuel. So I ended up Getting hhome three weeks later. Now I know what the words mean.